solo show in stand



Waiting Words, 2009
variable sizes
installation with box of Havana cigars, ash tray, burning cigars, print of cigar box label


Waiting Words, 2009
Event in booth: absorbing words coming from the smoke of Havana cigars


Stored Sentences, 2009
ca 50 x 75 cm, 2 parts
pencil drawing on digital print, text

Secret export of stories.

In Cuba specialized readers still read aloud chapters from books
and newspaper articles on a daily basis.
These words echo through the factories and are subsequently rolled
into the cigars with great precision by the torcedors.
We are dealing here with an infinite amount of words
stacked into the cigars, waiting to come to life again when they are heated.
When the cigar is lit, the words are detached from the leaves
as they are sucked into the smoker's mouth.
In this way, traveling on the smoke, they enter the heads of writers
at the other side of the world.
Words are blown out and sucked into the nose again,
where they directly enter the brain.
A fraction of a second later the smoker will think these very words
that settle in his mind.