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CUT magazine about art

issue 19 - 2018

LILY VAN DER STOKKER - Open brief aan Lucette Terborg - NRC-Handelsblad / Open letter to NRC-Handelsblad
+ sticker 'Poor museum' + Pakpapier (wrapping paper), 2018

JAAP KRONEMAN - 'Ik wil er nog geen woorden aan verbinden' ("I don't want to connect words to it yet", 2018

WJM KOK / edition in envelope: 'Love in White', 2018

Editorial board:
Kees van Gelder
Iris van Gelder

limited amount of copies: 80


This issue comes with an edition of Wjm Kok and is available for Special Cut Subscribers.
11,4 x 16,2 cm
signed, numbered and dated, edition 35 + 2 AP