John Tremblay




The artist John Tremblay is inspired by missiles and airplane holding patterns, which lead undeniably
to abstract art. His paintings are energetic and radiate movement. His concentric bullīs eye rings
painted on wooden panels seem to have been distorted by extreme speed. He says about these works:
" I was trying to express visually the concept of a moving target ".

Pattern-forming ellipses and squares are a recurrent theme for several years now. Critic Bob Nickas
wrote about a forty foot long mural: "Most artists make their statements in interviews or they go blab
when they write their press releases. So it feels like an event to walk into a gallery and see that
a statement is actually being made by the work itself". Part of that statement is without any doubt
a feeling of pseudo-nonchalance and happiness which can be contineously found in the art of John Tremblay.