Jaap Kroneman




Jaap Kroneman is the founder of Real Flat Art

Real Flat Art

Jaap Kroneman is one of the founders of Real Flat Art, a branch of the visual arts, which uses concrete reality to begin with. Observed reality is the basis and in the implementation of his work that is flattened. Reality is abstracted, but nevertheless always recognizable. In essence it is a matter of an inverse form of 'Art Concret'. His way of working differs from artists who come from the ' Pop Art ', who enlarge the reality of the banal and what is found in warehouses.
Kroneman's view on reality differs from artists of the Düsseldorfer Schule, who register the reality in a still and dry manner. The newest generation of photographers who have replaced the factual by fixing an illusion of a photographed reality like the one of Thomas Deman. For Jaap Kroneman it is not enough register of what there is or to create a look-alike. He scrapes pictures from reality to the bone, beats that flat and keeps in the end a sketch in its hands. Jaap Kroneman abstracts. His treatment of scraping and flattening give his work an improvising character, but yet each picture seems to get charged. With this marvelous combination of sketch and essence he creates simple beauty and pictures that break through in an often humouristic manner and beaten codes. With an obviously satanic pleasure he is doing that with tongue-in-cheek.

Het werk van Jaap Kroneman (1968) is tentoongesteld in Nederland, Berlijn, Hamburg, Reykjavík, Londen, in de Biënnale Leuven, Los Angeles, Beijing, Xiamen (China). Zijn werk is in museumcollecties opgenomen in o.a. het Stedelijk Museum, Arnhem en het Fries Museum, Leeuwarden.